icon of the sea

Unveiling 5 Unique Facts About Icon of the Seas the World’s Largest Cruise Ship Set to Sail Next Year

Reddy Darwis

The Icon of the Seas is poised to become the world’s largest cruise ship, earning the moniker “ocean giant.” Owned ...

cruiser ship

Cruise Ship Misconceptions Unveiled Seasickness and Retirement-Only Stigma

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Cruise ships offer a hassle-free way to embark on adventures, covering everything from meals and travel to entertainment and accommodation. ...

harajuku japan

Japan’s Strategy Against Overtourism Exploring Beyond Tokyo

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The influx of tourists from East and Southeast Asia visiting Japan is on the rise. Japan is making efforts to ...

senior traveller

A Guide to Hassle-Free Air Travel for Seniors – Expert Tips

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Traveling by airplane can be both exciting and challenging, especially for seniors. Unfortunately, elderly travelers often make mistakes during their ...


Planning a Campervan Adventure in New Zealand? Stay Informed on These Rules to Avoid Fines

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Embarking on a journey through New Zealand with a campervan offers travelers the chance to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and immerse ...

venice tourism

Venice Introduces Boat Speed Restrictions After Series of Accidents

Reddy Darwis

In response to a series of accidents involving tourists, Venice has installed speed-monitoring cameras along its iconic canals. These cameras ...