Cruise Ship Misconceptions Unveiled Seasickness and Retirement-Only Stigma

Reddy Darwis

cruiser ship

Cruise ships offer a hassle-free way to embark on adventures, covering everything from meals and travel to entertainment and accommodation. While popular in Europe, America, and Australia, Indonesians often shy away due to concerns about seasickness, crowded ships, and high costs. However, Gordon Nardini, Head of Innovation at Ambassador Cruise Line, sheds light on common cruise ship myths.

Limited Food and Beverage Options

Gordon assures that cruise ship dining is a delight, offering a variety from gourmet feasts to casual poolside snacks. “From gourmet meals to late-night canapés, cruise ships provide a range of food and beverages catering to guests’ preferences,” he says. Additionally, at each new destination, travelers can explore local cuisines.

Fear of Seasickness

Seasickness is a valid concern, especially for those prone to motion sickness. However, Gordon emphasizes that cruise ships are designed to minimize the impact of ocean waves. While seasickness may occur initially, there are various remedies available, and the body typically adjusts within a day or two. “In case of worsening conditions, all cruise ships carry a supply of seasickness medication onboard,” he notes.

Lack of Privacy

Despite numerous public spaces on cruise ships, travelers can find peaceful spots for relaxation. “From quiet areas around the pool to reading books in the library, to private balconies, sailing offers many secluded spots to explore, even on mid-sized and small ships,” says Gordon.

Cruises Are Only for the Elderly

While retirees often have the time and resources for extended travel, cruise lines now offer programs for age groups 18 to 20. The demographic has diversified, with more individuals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s opting for cruises. Modern cruise offerings include trendy celebrity-inspired restaurants, exceptional children’s programs for young parents, luxurious adult-only areas, innovative spa treatments, and adult comedy shows, along with beach excursions from flyboarding to hiking.

Cruise Ships Are Dangerous

Concerns about fires, power outages, large waves, rough seas, storms, and passengers falling overboard contribute to cruise ship fears. Statistically, cruise ships are among the safest modes of travel. All cruise ships undergo regular inspections every three months to ensure readiness in terms of engines and emergency procedures.

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