Unveiling 5 Unique Facts About Icon of the Seas the World’s Largest Cruise Ship Set to Sail Next Year

Reddy Darwis

icon of the sea

The Icon of the Seas is poised to become the world’s largest cruise ship, earning the moniker “ocean giant.” Owned by Royal Caribbean International, the cruise ship is expected to start operations in early 2024, with its first sea trials initiated in June 2023. Currently undergoing final construction in a shipyard in Finland, it is set to sail into open waters in October this year.

Here are 5 fascinating facts about the Icon of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship:

Accommodating 5,610 Passengers and 2,350 Crew Members

Icon of the Seas measures an impressive 365 meters (almost 1,200 feet) in length and an estimated weight of 250,800 tons. To put it into perspective, it’s akin to floating two CN Towers, one of Canada’s skyscrapers. When sailing the Caribbean waters in January 2024, the ship will host around 5,610 passengers and 2,350 crew members.

Largest Water Park at Sea

The cruise ship boasts the world’s largest sea-based water park, named Category 6, featuring six record-breaking water slides. Travelers can also relax in seven other pools. Icon of the Seas is the first Royal Caribbean International ship to rely on liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel and fuel cell technology, contributing to the company’s commitment to a clean energy future.

Manufactured by Finnish Shipbuilder

Produced by Meyer Turku, a leading European shipbuilding company located in Turku, Finland, Icon of the Seas is on track to join the Royal Caribbean fleet on October 26, making its debut in 2024. The ship completed its first sea trial series on June 22, 2023, covering hundreds of miles to test main engines, hull, braking systems, steering, noise levels, and vibrations.

Boasting 20 Decks

Icon of the Seas will feature 20 decks and eight neighborhoods to explore, offering numerous attractions and spaces catering to various types of travelers. From areas dedicated to young families to exclusive adult spaces like bars, the ship promises over 40 dining, drinking, and entertainment venues, many of which are included in the cruise fare. With 28 different accommodation types, there are more categories for families, more rooms with ocean views, and more space for groups of travelers.

The ship is designed for the longest stays ever dedicated to “crafting the perfect home base.” The current titleholder of the world’s largest cruise ship is another Royal Caribbean fleet member, Wonder of the Seas, which made its maiden voyage last year. It is slightly shorter at 1,188 feet, with only 18 decks to explore.

Commemorating 50 Years of Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean International launched Icon of the Seas as the pinnacle of its cruise line evolution, incorporating the latest technology and building on 50 years of company history. “We position it as a family vacation, and when you step back and look at all the energy and time that has gone into making this ship, it’s truly amazing,” says Bayley. Icon of the Seas will sail to the Eastern and Western Caribbean from Miami year-round, with each cruise including visits to Perfect Day at CocoCay and Hideaway Beach.

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